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We hosted the prototype session of SINCA x Omote sando college last night at their new office near Aoyama.  We had quite a few miscommunication/misunderstanding (I am responsible as I did not clarify what we expect and it turned out that we had VERY different image/

expectations.)  Anyway, despite the thunderstorm forecast etc, we managed to conduct the session. We had relatively small group of participants (little over 20 in total) (compared with some previous sessions), I felt that we were able to get to know each other probably more.

I started the session with the question on the news participants noticed lately.  Some may have expected to just listen to my talk at the beginning!, but they are the one that talked.  Quite a few picked US midterm election.  We then discussed the importance of diverse sources of news, and the need to “THINK” about underlying factors/drivers and implications of each news.  We then asked each one to think of the person and the message they want to convey first.  Then they shared within the small group.  I asked for names of the people they picked only, some of whom I had no idea.  The last part of the session was group work. Each group was to pick either Bill Gates of Gates Foundation or President Trump and think of the message the group wants to convey to this person.  To my surprise! all the groups picked Trump, but they came up with quite different messages.  I particularly liked their effort to find something positive about his style etc.  It was very inspiring.

I asked each group to report back and at the end I explained why I picked Bill Gates. I moderated the meeting early in the morning where Bill Gates and three Japanese speakers addressed the parliament and policy makers. (I was very impressed..) At the end, I shared some tips to stay active in the global space (I  skipped the change of skill slide by mistake!)

I have a huge apology to make to Kaori Sasaki and her staff at Omote Sando College as we had quite a big misunderstanding and miscommunication (I am responsible for most of it) about what we expect and what we do during the session.  Due to the last minute revelation, many people had to run around.  I hope participants, however, had reasonably good time, expressing and discussing their views and ideas in English in relatively informal setup.  We took a group photo(my apology for Sasaki san & her staff as well as SINCA staff for not being included in this) and started networking with drinks (I heard the red wine I brought was very good!) with some food.  I hope participants had fun and had some take away.  I want to thank Kaori Sasaki and her staff for the generosity (and patience to let us do our thing.)  I want to thank my Suica team who worked so hard despite last minute changes and revelations, and above all the participants who came and participated very actively.  Our next session is on Friday, Nov. 30 at 100 BANCH in Shibuya. We will start the SINCA in its regular form. SDGs and potential for start ups is the topic, followed by networking.  We will post the announcement soon. So stay tuned.





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