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 We would like to inform you of our next SINCA session scheduled for Friday, Feb 28.  It will be our regular time slot (19:00 or so on Friday) and the venue is WeWork Nogizaka (where we hosted Food tech session in October.)  The topic is “Intrepreneur- How you can be a startup while working for the company?”  We will feature Akira Fukabori of ANA Avatar-in, one of the guests we had at Shiseido-sponsored SINCA session on January 25.

He talked briefly about how he developed his idea of Avatar-in as the third project ideas at ANA after Blue Wing and WonderFly.  We wanted to find out more about their project Avatar-in  and his experiences of seeking support of the company, ANA, he works for.  We will find more about details of evolution of his project and details of what Avatar is trying to accomplish.  You can watch the first 10 minutes or so of the Part 4 of the video here.

In addition to have Q & A with Akira and his team, we would like participants -YOU- to share your ideas for start-up and probably brainstorm how you could go about seeking corporate support. If you have ideas for start-up and wonder how you can scale up, come join us.

WeWork Nogizaka is a very nice, casual place well received at our last session (including networking with good food- in particular, many liked the beer on tap available certain period of time!).   Here are the details and registration for the event. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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