Last night (December 6), we hosted the SINCA session vol. 14 entitled Coding & Communication. This is the second time we organized this session after the very well received session at the end of July.  Yan Fang, co-founder of Code Chrysalis, led the session in easy to follow explanation about coding etc, language, approach to work in pair etc.  I was pleased as we had 20+ participants, ideal size for this type of interactive skill practice session. (I gave a big push in the last five days, through SNS etc. in addition to handing out flyers at various seminars! to recruit people until the last minute.)

I gave a welcome remarks and handed over to Yan, and while they were working, I interviewed Kani, co-founder of Code Chrysalis.  We talked about the awareness level of the importance of software engineering in Japan, and potential to promote two skills we covered-coding AND communication.  It is partly because not many Japanese seem to be interested in these two skills despite many meet-ups and Demo Days  held at Code Chrysalis. (I attended a few, only to find that majority are non-Japanese!)  We talked about the recent policy of teaching coding and English at Japanese grade schools as well.  (My interview with Kani will be uploaded after it is edited. It has many interesting remarks, so stay tuned.)

After the session, we did Kanpai with champagne as it is the last session for the year 2019 and talked with people over drinks and great food prepared by Mitsui san of Uchimeshi. I met with some first timers to find out how they found the session (quite a few from Vital Japan, thank you Oda san!) and how they liked the session.  We are figuring out how we can make sure that those who find the session interesting to continue their learning.

We finished after 10:30 pm, (we could have gone on for more, but it was getting very cold and late!) .  I want to thank Kani, Yan and Niklas of Code Chrysalis for their great support, SINCA team for their help as always and above all, participants who came to the session on Friday in December, despite many other events held elsewhere. We will keep in touch through website, facebook and mail for your ideas and suggestions.  I am so grateful that we are able to work with those who are interested and willing to try new skills, and new encounters.  Big Thank YOU!

Next SINCA session will be on Saturday, Jan. 25 at Shiseido Global Innovation Center in Minato Mirai.  It will be very exciting.  So stay tuned…