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Following up yesterday’s blog entry, here is the part 2 of the SINCA session on January 17. Part 2 after the breakout role play session captures how participants finds experience of role play, what they thought important etc. Some comments include the discussion goes further under the following circumstances even interview is set up without preparation beforehand.
:”if you are familiar with the area interviewee talks about
: if you can share your own experiences with the interviewee
: if you try to make the communication two way/interactive rather than one way
I believe these comments point to the importance of interaction/being connected.
With emergency status continues and rising infections in Japan and elsewhere, feeling connected has become even more important, as many of us are sick and tired of various measures. I feel it is a good opportunity for us all to think what is important for our daily life.

Towards the end of the video Part 2(13 minutes or so in total), the announcement of book club is made by the participants. This is the spin-off activity initiated by the members who attended past SINCA session. They are recruiting members to join. The first book they plan to read together is “2030”.
You can find some info. at the end of the video Part 2.

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