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As promised yesterday, here is the part 2 of the Video of the SINCA startup session held at Shibuya 100 BANCH  on Friday, May 31. In the part 2, I tried to summarize  three take aways from the case of Estonia (you can find out the three from the video) and asked Mr. Suhara, “What’s next for Estonia?”.  His analogy of Estonia being salt and pepper is interesting, I thought, particularly when other countries such as China has made rapid progress in digitalization with huge population.

Participants joined the discussion and the breakout group sessions followed with the two topics.  1) How to let people know the secret of Estonia’s success to raise their interest level even further and  2) Where and How to apply success of Estonia into Japan?

After some brainstorming, volunteers reported back.  eSports, VR/AR combination addressed the topic 1).  For topic 2, Fukushima & Okinawa are selected as potential areas for pilot/sand box application.   Enjoy the video part 2.


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