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After 60 sessions over 5+ years of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series, we finished this series in late July.  We are in the process of planning new series called “SINCA-Sharing Innovative & Creative Action”, with the launch event scheduled for September 29.

My recent experiences in British Columbia reminded me what kind of opportunities I want to offer to those who are interested in work/life in the global space through this series.

I visited my friend from high school first time after we graduated few days ago.  I met her in May at class reunion and heard that she lives in British Columbia.  I contacted her and visited her at Sunshine coast for two days.  These two days were so magnificent that I am so glad that I contacted her after so many years.  I found her story of going to UK right after college and after series of various careers in UK, she came across with Garden Design, which became her lifework.  I found her story of meeting and receiving help from many in her career and of going to school for a year (very tough course) for Garden Design.  She is now professional Garden Designer in British Columbia.

Hearing her story, I was reminded how important for individuals to go out of Japan to pursue one’s life work. (I know quite a few others who did just that).  I have decided to go to Italy this fall to join her as she spends some time there and I thought it would be wonderful to visit Italy after many years with her.

In addition, I got together with two friends from North Vancouver to play golf.  I met them several years ago at golf course in Whistler and made it our annual golf event.  Sometimes, it is rather hard to find the date which work for all of us, but it is a great occasion to catch up with news, our activities, etc. etc.(Unfortunately I have no photo of them this year.)

As I enjoy these two encounters -one after so many years and the other annual event-, I want SINCA the opportunity for anybody that want to have exposure to the world and to try new things.  I hope SINCA offers the opportunity for them to meet with new people and find the new world, and also to monitor their activities year after year.

We are now in the process of developing details of the series.  Our launch event is scheduled for Saturday, September 29. Stay tuned…

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