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 I am still a bit behind following up our last SINCA session with two experts where we discussed G20 among others,(Photo on the left)  our next SINCA session C & C is now open for your registration.  Our next SINCA session is skill session focusing on Coding and Communication and will be held at Code Chrysalis on Friday, July 26.

I personally think that summer is an ideal time to start learning new skills, as we tend to have relatively relaxed/flexible schedule and it is so hot & humid out (meaning that it is better to stay indoor and learn/practice!)  In fact, I took beginner’s programming and WordPress online courses from April through October last year. (I struggled as I had no experience in coding and only had strong desire to learn!)

For the SINCA skill session (vol. 11), you need no prior experience of coding, and most of you have some knowledge of English, so just register and show up.  By learning very basics of Java Script from the Code Chrysalis team who does everything in English, you can get the feel for coding & English communication.  If you like it, you may want to think about taking the course at Code Chrysalis, and/or participating in the Meet ups and Demos Code Chrysalis offers very often.

In addition, this SINCA session will be very good opportunity for HR people of the companies who want to develop people with these two indispensable tools needed for activities in the global space.  You can have the experience of finding out the very basics of Java Script, practicing it yourself and see yourself whether Coding and English communication would be a good combination to offer to  your global talent-to be.   You can find out what other programs/courses are offered at Code Chrysalis, too. For details, go to face book event page..  For registration, go to this site.  It seems many people are interested in giving a try.  So hurry!

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