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This evening, we hosted SINCA session #2 for the year 2021. This session was special as we invited high school students as I promised when I gave a talk in the middle of December. We had 40 people altogether including 13 students. We formed 10 breakout groups so that each can have time to share their views, ask and respond questions etc. etc.
The logistics was quite complicated as I needed to arrange breakout groups so that each group will have at least one student. As many show up around 8 pm, I was busy welcoming them, explaining the background while arranging breakout room membership.
In fact, I asked how I could assign members in advance and I received some responses from people who are kind enough to show me how to do it. The only problem was that I raised the question on face book and tweet some 30 minutes before the session, and I was NOT able to do as I am instructed. Now I have great suggestions from the people, I will try to do it next time. Thank you for your help.

Having 10 breakout rooms was quite a challenge, but as I visited each breakout rooms, the session seemed to be going well.  With so many people participating, we need to think of the way to conduct general session with everybody,

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