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Following up yesterday’s blog entry with video Part 1 of SINCA dream destination & place to live session, video part 2 is now being uploaded to Youtube.  This video shows the report back from the three remaining breakout groups and the discussion with everybody at the end.  Report of discussion from three breakout groups is very interesting and it shows the criteria of the selections of the Dream places.  It appears that safety/security is becoming more important for the participants, particularly for the place to live.  In addition, nature and food is mentioned as important criteria for the destination.  For place to live, culture is added.

At the end of the video, we discussed that we need not select just one place, and can have several bases-urban and local, etc.  From this findings, we discussed how we tend to stick to assumptions and restrict ourselves.  It was very interesting to realize that we need to free ourselves so that we are empowered to make our own choice.  Take a look at the video.


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