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The first event of the new series SINCA which took over the Davos Experience in Tokyo series which ended on July 27, is now open for your registration.  You can check the post on facebook.  I have written some about this new series on my blog, but probably not as much as the time and effort I have put in the past few months. In fact, I have been working on details of this series, and various arrangement and survey to get reactions etc. in addition to preparing the seminar outline, column draft and preparation for the meetings in September. (which has kept me quite busy) and forgot the fact that I have not explained series details on this blog yet.

Those who came to the last session of Davos… on July 27 have heard my explanation and objective of this new series, but for many of you, this is the first time you hear about this series.

If you are interested in finding out more about this new series, and/or want to get involved with it as part of the loose taskforce on this series, please make sure you check the facebook page and sign up.   We are using Peatix for registration etc.  so check this Peatix event page and register.

I am always excited about starting something new and this series is no exception.  (I was so excited when I began Davos… series over 5 years ago and Global Agenda Seminar series in 2010 that people thought I look different when I explain these series.) I feel initiating something that are so close to your heart makes you feel that you “live.” No matter how much issues you face in the process, I think pursuing what you want to do with your life to create the (better-hopefully) world is why you are given life today.

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