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 It has been just about a month since we hosted SINCA online session.  You might have wondered what has been going on.  Thanks for your patience.  We are hosting the SINCA online Dialogue on Sunday, July 12 (i.e. the day after tomorrow).

The reason for such short notice is  my plan for the summer has been turned upside down this past week. My trip to British Columbia was canceled as I found out (at Narita airport last  Friday) that I am not able to board the plane as strict restrictions apply for those who are not from Canada.  As it became clear that there is no way I can go to British Columbia (I have been doing this for the past two decades or so), I changed my plan quickly and decided to stay in Tokyo.

I explored what I could do to make summer exciting and interesting, and decided to hold SINCA online session (a few days ago!)  SINCA team has done so much to make it happen and we are now ready to host the session this Sunday.

It will e a casual informal session where we can discuss topics  of interest to many (we hope) without any preparation.  Topics include 1. installing apps for detecting infection 2.your behavior if the second wave happens in Tokyo 3. plan to move out of the city 4. overseas travel this year… We feel that you have some ideas about any of these topics.  All you need to do is register through this site and join us at 8:00 pm on Sunday.  You can find details of the session on the facebook page

I am very excited to see many of you online and talk about topics which are quite relevant.  You may not have ha many opportunities to discuss current issues in English in small breakout groups.  So join us on Sunday.   We will inform zoom link Sunday late afternoon to those who register.

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