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After a month of break, we decided to host the SINCA online session this evening.  We decided to do it on Sunday, instead of Friday, as more and more people seem to be back to some work schedule (probably not necessarily the same old way)  This time, we wanted to have discussion and dialogue among the members, rather than debate.

Debate requires considerable planning and preparation by the teams in advance, and with the current uncertainty with the Covid19, it did not seem to be reasonable to plan debate.

At this session, we have four questions for us to respond.  They are 1, Do you plan to install software apps now available (such as Cocoa) to detect/trace infection? 2, If the second wave emerges in Japan, do you restrict your actions/behavior as before?  3. Will you consider moving out of the city to live in the suburbs/country side?  4. If it becomes possible, do you travel overseas this year?

We have four breakout groups each consist of 3 people.  Each breakout group is assigned to the topic as above.  After they discuss in the breakout group, we hear report back from each group, followed by general discussion.

I thought several things which have been discussed often came out during the discussion.  For example, regarding the apps to detect infection, the information about the apps is not well communicated (which reminded me of my Number card) by the government to offer enough benefit that offsets the lack of trust and the fear we find of surveillance society and privacy. We also found that the type of work determines our behavior whether it is restrictions of our behavior if the second wave emerges, the possibility of living in the countryside and the overseas travel.  I want to thank you to those who joined our discussion tonight.


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