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Thanks for your patience.  I finally edited video of SINCA online debate we hosted on September 13.  I have had so many things since then, which prevented me to spend time for video editing.   I finally managed to look at the video and edited it.

My apologies, first.  As we had so many participants and the breakout sessions etc. were so complicated (in addition to my state of little concentration and confusion due to my private matter), I was only able to record the first half of the session.)

The affirmative and negative sides made their initial argument for respective side.  They worked so hard preparing and shared some slides.  I received additional slides for the Affirmative side and incorporated as well.

As for the discussion between both sides,I must have forgotten to record it and the video is not available.  (I must really be absent-minded. Besides I did not have the person that assisted me with recording, we had no recording of the latter half of the session.)  As I received the slides that Olympics affirmative side prepared, you can take a look at them.

It was quite hectic session as you can tell, but I want to thank you for your understanding and support.

For your information, our next SINCA session where we discuss “Job/work you want to have now?” in small breakout groups. is this coming Sunday September 27.  We already have over 30 people registered. If you want to join us, please register through this site.

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