As informed earlier, our next SINCA session is scheduled for Friday, June 12.  We will do the debate session with two teams argue back and forth during three parts.  Statement is “School should start in September.”  Many more issues around educational system such as lack of tech infrastructure, re-skilling of teaching staff and more courses in the curriculum on science.  But for this session, we will focus on the question of “starting academic year in September.”

We hope many will join us.  If you want to find out more about debate, you can watch video of the session Debate for Beginners we hosted few weeks ago.

For this upcoming session on June 12, here. are details and registration.  We will ask those who register through the site, which team they want to join-Affirmative or Negative OR judge.  Hope many of you will join us.  Register early, as it tends to fill up quickly.