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Following up on yesterday’s blog entry, here is the video Part 2 of the SINCA online session held on March 14.  Unlike Part 1 which consists of my talk to the whole group,  Part 2 starts with me visiting one of the seven breakout groups for a chat.

It is followed by comments and impressions of the first time business participants  and  high school students.  Some high school students said that they were more relaxed than the first time, as they know what to expect at the session.

For anybody, the first time experience-whether it is the first encounter with the group, first time to visit the place, first time to meet with people-is quite scary. We might feel that we are not welcome there (I myself have had some experiences like that, too.) but if we continue, we (and they) may get used to the group and start feeling more at home.  It is important to continue if you see some light.

Our next SINCA session is scheduled for Sunday, April 18 (see illustration on the left) and we will design ideal place/format to keep on learning.  Participants of SINCA this year as well as past participants, AND new comers, please join us.  Details and registration is available at this site.  We will be waiting for your participation.

Here is the video part 2 of SINCA March 14. (some 13 minutes.)  Enjoy!

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