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As we welcome the new year and we are in the process (taking much longer than we had expected) of revamping the website, I want to post the interviews we did in the last three months of 2018.  We will post this series altogether when the new website is ready and we will add more in the future. But for now, let me post each of the five interviews with SINCA (to be exact, GAS or DEX) participants.  Each one of them used the seminar series (GAS or DEX) to take a new step.  Some changed the job, others started the business, and expanded their market, etc.   For the first one, let me introduce Satoko Ueyama, one of the participants of the Global Agenda Seminar series 2010.

When she participated in the GAS, she worked at Bank of Japan.  After being inspired by the classmates, she changed the job to management consulting.  Now she is CFO of the innovative food service company, Recipe & Market.  We had her service at the launch of SINCA series at the end of September.  They come in two parts. Here they are. Enjoy.

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