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This is the fifth of the interviews I did with the SINCA(to be exact, GAS or DEX) members. The guest is Yusuke Suzuki, Campaign Manager at Google and Member of TEDx group. As with the other four, Yusuke was one of the panelists to discuss career etc. at launch event of SINCA in September (photo the left)

I met him for the first time at TEDxTokyo, I believe. (It turned out that he graduated from the same University, Sophia, though many years apart. He was a hard-core Math major there, spending 20 + years just doing Math!)

I found out many new things through the interview as to how he saw Math, how he began as data analyst, worked for marketing research company to add marketing to his portfolio of math and IT/data analysis.  He wanted to add the fourth dimension and  sought to get involved with TED as he wanted to do something in the global space and add English as communication skills. He touched upon how important and inspiring direct contact with speakers and participants at TEDx as well.

It is always inspiring to hear from the person how he/she has explored new possibilities in order to expand the scope of activities and to develop new skills. Particularly his experience and journey gives many specific ideas,  now  that there is need to have portfolio of skills/expertise in several areas,

His talk includes his interest in addressing fundamental issues, applying his expertise to the society, as well as his perspective of macro focus of Google and personal focus of TED. We briefly touched upon the recent issue of IT companies such as Google being so dominant.  I asked him to describe his day and whether he recommends others to follow similar career pattern.  You will find out his answers to those questions during the interview.   I believe Yusuke is onto something new by now (Jan. 2019) from the status/activities he explained during the interview. (edited in early November)  It would be exciting to find out what he is now up to.

Here are two parts of video in English.  Enjoy!

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