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This is the fourth of the interview series we conducted around the time of SINCA Launch on September 29. The guest is Hideyuki Yoshioka, CEO of Knowledge Signs and Global facilitator, and one of the very active participants of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.  The session I recall so clearly about him is the Experience Auction session we held to explore how we can market our hidden skills and strengths. It was our attempt to stimulate marketing mind-how to identify our hidden talent/experience/skill we might be able to sell.  Right now, “sharing economy” is so popular that many people are familiar with the term. perceives In fact,  Mercari is one of the best known companies.  When we thought about this session,(two years ago at #35 of Davos series) the idea of auctioning off your hidden skill, experience etc. was quite new.

Hideyuki offered his skill of composing and performing the customized song for the person on the spot, who bought his service. As a sample, he played the song entitled “Yoko” , with playing the guitar.  It was fun experience and I remember it so clearly.

During this interview, he shared many interesting stories about his career. He worked for Recruit for 17 years and was engaged in new business development. He found out that Round table discussion with the topic may be a good way to get people engaged to develop new business.  It was almost 15 years ago and at that time, the concept of “facilitation” was quite new in Japan. He became interested in facilitation and started his own company.  He talked about initial difficulties to sell “facilitation company” and positioned it as “sales/marketing consulting.” His story of the first year of his business indicates how tough to get your start up on the track.   About 5 years ago, he wanted to expand his business (which was going very well) to global space and that was when he started coming to Davos.. in Tokyo.

Our talk included the difference between presentation and facilitation, whether you need to guide the discussion as facilitator or not, etc. Please watch the video for details as it has many tips for it.  He shared his next steps (which you need to find out from video.)  If you are interested in start-up, his interview will be of some help.

Here are the video of interview that come in two Part. Enjoy.

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