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Here is the second of the interview series I did with the SINCA (GAS and DEX) members in September.  The guest is Masaki Takao, participant of GAS2012 and now is the CEO and  co-founder of JE Plan, with vision of “Circulate everything.”.  When he participated in GAS, he was in the process of securing fund for his start up.  His company had good technology but had difficulty convincing large corporations to invest.  As he talks about it during the interview, I was one of those that encouraged him to go outside of Japan for funding.  I also encouraged him to take action, rather than thinking planning etc.  He was able to secure fund and now building plants throughout the world.

It is intriguing how passionate he has been about recycling clothes.  Apparel is very difficult to manage a it consists of many different parts such as cloth, buttons, zippers etc. etc.  Apparel also has seasons and is subject to “fashion.”  Besides recycling clothes, the JE Plan  is a  dominant player  in recycling mobile phone to make Olympic medals for 2020.  It was exciting and inspiring to hear his stories.  Please take a look at the two parts of the video in English below. In fact, his company was selected to represent Japan at the Startup Worldcup 2019.

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