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SINCA-Sharing Innovative & Creative Actions-series began in September 2018, after 60 sessions of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.  We wanted to try something new after conducting the session 60 times. (We thought it would be a good time to start a new, as we celebrate 60th birthday as new birth.)  We tried variety of topics -media, SDGs, start-up, creativity, Society 5.0, G20, music as trigger for innovation, coding & communication, and food tech among others. We needed to find the venue almost every time unlike Davos.. series and arranged catering for networking.  All these “new” task required was quite challenging, but at the same time, great opportunity to try something new.

Then we faced the Covid-19 at the end of February.  SINCA was a place for people to express their ideas freely in the face-to-face meetings.  Networking held every time after the session with guest speakers and participants was great way to enjoy casual interaction and the good food/drinks. (Searching the photo of SINCA made me hungry as we had great food and drinks!)   As we are not able to gather in the closed space, we decided to try online session.  As the topic, we picked Olympics -it was under debate, which is rather difficult to recall now- and online meetings, digital application at schools, all of which are great topics for debate.  Though we struggled here and there to make the session smooth, (several times, we found out that things do not work in the way we expected, during the session!), we have had great opportunity to try something new.


After four sessions on debate, we want to come back to the format where participants can discuss some topics in breakout sessions.  We will have report back sessions after the breakout and general discussion.  We are planning to have the session on Sunday, May 24 and will announce the event on facebook page, together with peatix site for registration.

In the meantime, I would like to invite you to check our SINCA website.  You can find all the video of the past sessions at “SINCA session archive.”  Interviews with guests  are found at category Interview.  As you may have extra time due to Covid-19 schedule change, please take a look at the video.  My secret goal is to make this site much more active so that people can share their ideas & comments.

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