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Following yesterday’s blog entry, here is the part 2 of the video.  The session was on Sunday, August 23, and the topic was “Who do we want to be? Who do we NOT want to be?”

In Part 2 of the video, 2 remaining breakout groups reported back their discussion.  The responses to the first question were quite diverse from fashion model, to Jeff Bezos, while the person who received most votes for the second question was Trump, followed by PM Abe.  We heard reasons for the choice and interesting discussion followed.  Contrasted with many who voted for Trump as the person they would NOT like to be, one person selected him as the person of choice.

The  discussion continued on whether we should separate the person  and the position the person occupies, as well as the distinction in  what we value in person’s words and actions.  (Please take a look at the video.)

I thought this type of relatively light question (rather than difficult and serious question of “What if earth quake hits Japan, etc.” we did last time) reveals what people value,  Two aspects of the question-Who and What action- were also discussed.

As the video is relatively long (20 min.) as is, I cut most of the discussion at the end, unfortunately.  The best way to hear and join the whole discussion is to participate!.  Here is the video, enjoy!

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