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Last night, we hosted SINCA online extra special session.   Our questions were “Who would you like to be if you can be anybody (alive) in the world today? Why and What do you want to do as this person?” We also asked “Tell us who you would NOT like to be no matter what?!”   This is the first time we tried these questions, and I find  report back from the 6 breakout groups very interesting.  In particular the responses to the first question were quite diverse, indicating what participants value.  The response to the second question was not as diverse as that for the first one, as politicians were by far the most popular (unpopular.)

After 45 minute discussion in breakout groups which consisted of 3 each, 6 groups reported back.  I managed to edit the video of the first four groups for your review.  I think watching yourself in video is very useful (though we were not able to ask every one of 18 people who participated to report back).  You can learn your style, good points as well as room for improvement by watching yourself in video.  i always watch/listen to my own seminar, talk, interview etc. so that I can learn what to do and what not to do.  (I tend to make too many little responses which can be very distracting.  I also want to explain in much simpler sentences so that it is clearer and anybody can understand.)

I strongly recommend that you watch/listen to yourself, regardless of the language.

Here is the part 1 of the video which covers the first four breakout groups.  The Part 2 will be ready tomorrow.

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