As restrictions have begun being lifted and people seem to be slowly going back to “normal” life this week.  We will continue SINCA series in the online form, as face-to-face session with many is still a bit risky. Besides, online sessions seem to work quite well, particularly when the structure of the session is set.

So our next SINCA session will be on Friday (back to our usual day of the week) June 12 at 8:00 pm. We will do Debate on the topic of “Shift of academic year to September.”  This is the topic that has been debated quite extensively and we assume many have clear view on it.

Even though the government appears to postpone the decision and essentially shelf it (many think that this might have been  the only and last chance we can change academic calendar.) Some articles are available for the topic. Here is the result of survey.

As our last three debates, we will have two teams-Affirmative who support the shift to September, and the Negative who oppose the shift.  We will inform you the details soon so that you can register and decide which team (or judge) you want to join.  It will be Friday, June 12.  So stay tuned.  (For those who want to know what debate is and how to prepare, you may want to check the video of the last session “Debate for Beginners.”

I hope we will have exciting and inspiring debate session.