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I made a decision to lead simpler and slower life early this year.  Simpler life in the sense of not buying material things has been practiced quite well (I shy away from almost any shopping unless it is absolutely necessary), but slower life has not been well under control.

Partly due to my wish to participate in exciting events and watching/reading innovative and amazing video and articles/column on the web, my life  has not become slower than before.  (As always, when I am away, my discipline goes out of the window and I have a hard time keeping track of meeting and seminar schedules. )

I had a near-miss the other day, as I mixed up two conferences with the similar topic and similar speakers by the similar organizations!  I remembers the venue of one of them and when I found out the venue was different for the other one, I checked my note, only to find that these two conferences are one week apart!  (It was good I found out now, rather than on the day of the event!)

I also receive quite a few books from people and I have NOT been able to do a good job of reading them.  (As I realize that I do not have time to read thoroughly soon, I usually send Thank you note before I read the book. If I wait until I finish, it will never happen!)

The other day, I was asked what I did with the book I was given.  I could NOT remember or find the book. (This does not mean much as I am the last person to clean my study!)  I checked my note and it looked that I received it several months ago.  Now my task is to find it somewhere in my bookshelf!

It seems that slower life has to wait a bit more before it becomes a reality!

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