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p1000749.JPG While I spend most of my waking hours writing (and some for exercise-whether cardio-photo shows how I look like with new sneakers! when I run in the morning,- stretch, or hitting golf balls etc.), I have done some teleconferencing while in British Columbia. One was with Switzerland and the other was with Tokyo. We exchanged document files via e-mail in advance, prepared ourselves for discussion over the phone and actually did it. As there are time differences, scheduling teleconferencing is a bit tricky, but can be done.  

 With frequent teleconferencing and e-mail, I have begun to think that where you are may not be as important as it used to be. Though I still believe in the importance of Face-to-face meetings and encounters, many technological means have given us tremendous opportunities to make us free from the constraint of location.

  I remember Mochio Umeda (the person whose insight I respect very much) mentioned in one of his books the possibility of the experiment he wants to try (I do not recall whether he used these terms or not). He said that he would make people believe that he lives in Silicon Valley, but in reality, he is somewhere else. These remarks stuck with me, and now I began to feel that it is in fact possible.  Sometimes, technology takes us so far and enables us to do so many things beyond our imagination. It fascinates me.

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