I have spent six  days in New York City and have enjoyed as many shows.  Since Sunday, I went to see the Chaplin Musical, Newsies last night and Peter & the Starcatcher tonight.  When I come to NYC, I ask for recommendations by my friend in performing arts industry and this time I followed their suggestions, except the first night where I went to see the Scandalous.

Newsies is a Disney musical based upon the true story in New York about  the strike by newsboys.  I had a great sea, in the fourth row from the stage on the left, where I was able to see and feel the energy of many young actors.  Their dancing was fantastic and  I loved them.  The story reminded me of the current debate of 1% vs. 99% and/or 47% over the Presidential election.

Tonight  I will go to see Peter & the Star catcher which has been very popular.  I am intrigued as my friend I had lunch with told me that she saw the show during preview(I believe) and did not like it at all.  She wondered how they have improved to get the current rave reviews and asked me to tell her my impression of the show. We will see.

The one I really liked was Chaplin as Bob McLure  who played Chaplin was fantastic.  I also liked the story very much.

I did not forget the music either and covered both Carnegie Hall and New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center.  Solti Centennial with the World Orchestra for Peace at Carnegie Hall was memorable and the one at Lincoln Center was so impressive. I was so moved that I had a hard time getting sleep that evening.

I feel that trip to NYC this time was very good as I enjoyed every bit of cultural activities,  dinner & football etc. with my family, got many more meetings for work done and completed the document I needed to take care of.

I also have become aware of the power of visuals and sounds on people.  My friend and I talked about the  new potential of visualization,  which was intriguing.  I will think more about how we can use visuals/sounds/music etc. to make more impact on how we think and interact.  (More to come later.)