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9-9necOn Friday, December 9, we will host #43 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. We will have a guest from airbnb to discuss their new services. Many of you may think that airbnb is about sharing of apartment, house, and places, but their recent focus seems to be sharing of “experience.”(Photo on the left is the session held at NEC)
On December 9, we want to ask you to think what kind of “experience” you can share based upon your own skills and expertise and offer the experience as an item for  auction. You may feel the form of “auction” is a bit strange, but think about this opportunity to display/showcase your skills and expertise from the “experience” point of view of the buyers and see what kind of value they find in the experience you offer. AS the career of “independent producer” and “portfolio type career” is emerging rather than “full time” single career for one company as one form of “future of jobs”, you can use this opportunity to test your skills/expertise in the open casual context. Some participants may offer you the opportunity to intern, work on the project, or even a job!
Do not shy away from it as it is done in English (as you can see in the short video of last session). It is fun experience.
As for me, I am thinking about offering the visit at Mori Museum where Space & Art exhibition is being held as I love space and want to know more about it. (And I have tickets and think it will be fun to go with some rather than go by myself.) I am also playing with the idea of “memorable talk”– how I go about preparing the message/story/visuals to make the presentation attractive to the audience. You can find more ideas etc. in my previous blog entry.

Come & join us on Friday, December 9.  As this is the last of the year 2016, we may try to make the networking held afterward a bit different from our usual.

For details and registration, follow this link.

The video of recent airbnb event in LA is here.  You may want to watch the first part on Experience to think of the idea.

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