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IMG_4493This evening (Jan. 9) I went to see the show “Festival” by Shiki Theatre company at Dentsu Shiki Theatre Sea. I wanted to see the show as I like Keiji Kato, director & choreographer very much. It was full of good scenes from different shows.  In the first half, I felt that I did not remember many songs (in fact, I saw the shows but it has been a while.)  Many songs in the second half,  I remember (though some such as Little Mermaid and Aladdin, I have NOT seen  yet).

I enjoyed it very much as vocal & dance were very well integrated and the dance scene is as always superb. I particularly like the group dance scenes where  costumes are simple and choreography and dancing is so sharp.  (I think dance numbers choreographed by K. Kato are so sharp and edgy that they are breathtaking.)

IMG_4474I also enjoyed the lights outside of the theater.  Quite a few people were watching the spectacular lighting.   Though it was COLD, my heart is warm.

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