IMG_9671 This evening, I took five ladies who bid for the item I offered at ”Experience Auction” at ”Davos Experience in Tokyo” #35  on March 18. The item was “Go to Broadway show and have dinner afterwards”.  After some communication, we decided on the show, Chorus Line which has been performed by Theatrical Group Shiki at Jiyu (Freedome) theater near Hamamatsucho.
I asked Shiki people to arrange tickets (it is quite hard to get six tickets on Saturday!) and they are kind enough to give each of us program and take care of one of my friends who is in crutches.
The show was great as always (this is one of my favourite shows!) and it was followed by wine and great appetizer/pizza/pasta at nearby Italian restaurant.
We had fun chat, getting to know people and hopefully enjoyed Saturday night in relaxed manner. (I thoroughly enjoyed!) Great way to spend Saturday evening with friends…