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Yesterday, November 24, I went to the “Premium 40” concert of Mariko Takahashi.  She is one of my favorite artists and this is the third time! I went to this year’s tour.  Many people seem to follow her to various cities where she had concerts, judging from the exchange between her and the audience.   It was the last day of this year’s tour entitled “Premium 40,” marking her 40th anniversary since she started professional career.

As always, it was fabulous concert.  I love her songs. I love her lyrics which convey very subtle and delicate emotions.   I love the  Henry band, too, and find it so nice to see great collaboration.  (Henry, her husband, is an overall producer of her concerts.)   They are very down-to-earth,  natural, and know how to entertain audience.

Tokyo International Forum accommodates some 5000 people and it is quite a scene to see so many people!  Her concert has many couples of baby boomer generation, as well as young people.  It is one of the few concerts where you see so many men obviously enjoying the show.

Despite the size of the concert hall (huge), tickets to her concert are very difficult to get.  (I used to get the tickets as Fujitsu used to sponsor her tour and I served as outside board member.  Now I manage to get the tickets as I belong to her fan club and can buy in advance.)   The first time I went to her concert  was in Nagoya and on the fourth floor looking all the way down to the stage.  It was the only ticket I was able to buy on the internet.   I like their system because all the tickets are of the same price no matter where in the hall your seat is.

This year, I managed to go to the third of the series in Yokosuka.  The show was still in the making (compared with the last one last night) and the hall was much smaller.  It was nice to hear them in the small and cozy concert hall, as it gave much more intimate feeling.   But the huge hall and good acoustics was also grand experience.  Particularly so, when 5000 people stand up and dance along!   (This is what happens always at her show.)

They showed the photo and video tracing her 40 years of professional career.  She looked good when she was in 20’s, 30’s etc. She looks even better now.  She is of baby boomer generation and they joke about their age (they call themselves “elderly” band.)  Henry talked about Paul McCartney’s concert and at 71 years old, he made a record of being the oldest so far with No. 1 music downloads. (She made No. 4 at the oldest Japanese singer!)  I saw the review of Paul’s concert in today’s evening paper by coincidence.

It is always nice to see people, regardless of age, to do what they love  and to be so good at it.  These two shows (one live and the other review) re-energized me so much!

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