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 Last night, we hosted SINCA Online Debate. Unlike ,most recent sessions where some issue are discussed in the small breakout groups and it is followed by the report back from each group and general discussion.

We allowed enough lead time so that the teams (]Affirmative and Negative) can   prepare among the team members.  As over 40 people registered 30+ actually participated), administratively, it was far from smooth (with me being in charge of so many things.)

Both teams seemed to prepare well among themselves and the discussion was quite lively, though short.  Some lessons we learned from this experience is that we may be better off with just one topic and relatively serious issue seems to work better than casual topics.

In fact, we had the statement “Olympics should be discontnued” as another topic, but we were not able to attract enough people to form two solid groups.

My findings are: Debate  is one of the best ways to develop problem solving, listening and speaking up on the spot. It is too bad not too many programs are used today (unlike several year ago.)

We might try more rounds of debate with more renewed skills. Those who participated as a team member, we are grateful. For those who did not participate, we have more sessions with more refinement of logistics and operations.


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