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This afternoon (Friday, May 29) I went to Komazawa park to watch the formation flight of Blue Impulse.(Self Defense Forces)   I found that they would fly over Tokyo yesterday and found that they would fly over Setagaya twice!  I also hear from my friend at studio where I do BBC Business Matters about the news this morning. (They know that my dream is  to be astronaut, want to get pilot license etc. etc.)

After giving some thought as to where I should locate to see their flight, I decided on the Komazawa park big plaza where I fly kite.

I rushed to the place (there were quite a few people who seemed to be going there) and was getting ready to see the Blue Impulse.  Even while I was waiting for them to show up, I was so moved by their plan to cheer up and thank healthcare workers and felt like crying.  When five planes showed up, all of us who were at the plaza (there were quite a few of us waiting!) got so excited.  It was such a beautiful scene.

After they left, I was coming home, only to find that they will be back again (there was a pro. photographer waiting for the second flight who told us that they would be back). So I turned around and waited.  It was such a lovely sight.  It was so inspiring.  Here is a short video I made with voice over in English. Hope you enjoy!

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