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14940002_1118203571548644_5802835974622675657_oInterested in joining casual session where you can speak up in small group of fun people? Then come to Davos Experience in Tokyo series held every month on Fridays.  Shy away from discussion in English?  Take a look at the short  video below. (I have struggled to show it on my blog all day? yesterday, but could not figure out, and now it is done -I need to learn how to change MP4? to youtube…)

For the whole session on Nov. 3, you can watch when you have time. (They consist of four parts-1.Before session, 2.Opening & Presentation followed with Q & A, 3.Presentation and Closing and 4.After session each with brief summary and time)
I initiated this series in 2012 to offer many opportunities for young people to discuss issues of their interest in English in a casual set up. We named the series “Davos experience in Tokyo” because I think the best part of Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum is the brainstorming session where everybody participates in small breakout groups. These sessions are not webcast unlike key note speeches and plenary panel sessions, and thus not too many people are aware of it (unless you are there!)
I also thought it is the type of experience many young people need in the globalizing world, as they need casual place and opportunities to share their views on the issues and develop creative and innovative ideas/solutions together.
14907586_1289432697757086_4567504228209220425_nMany people (Japanese) shy away as they find we discuss topics in English at Davos… in Tokyo sessions. But no worries as people can speak up in small groups.
We have tried to make it easy to participate–all you need to do is to register through the site if you find the topic interesting and you are available that day. It is held every month and we try to cover current and interesting topics. We want many people to participate.
So take look and see yourself. Our next session is on December 9. You can find details and register through this link.

Below is the presentation part by the group. Enjoy!

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