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After I uploaded the Quick report of SINCA Start up session, I have tried to make short iMovie just with photos.  I did not take any video during the session.  I took only few photos, and thus waited for our photographer (semi professional) to send me the file. With her professional capability, her photos are huge and I cannot download to my iPhone.  I usually make iMovie with my iPhone and not my Mac, I struggled for several hours today.  After giving some try, I believe I finally succeeded to make two short iMovie with photos.  Then, I could not put voice over to it.

So here is short movie (it is more like slide show) of the session.  The session was on Estonia, one of the most advanced digital countries in the world and has attracted some attention finally in Japan!  I have been interested in Estonia, as I taught the case on Estonia for the Microeconomics of Competitiveness course designed by Michael Porter of Harvard Business School in early 2000s. One of the cases was on Estonia and how this country has transformed itself.  The case did not discuss much about the digital aspect of Estonia, but I had seen leaders of Estonia join the plenary panel at various conferences including the Wold Economic Forum events.

Mr. Makoto Suhara, special assistant to the ambassador of the Republic of Estonia in Japan gave very interesting presentation on how Estonia and its young leader group has recognized the value of  IT and took thorough approach to digitalize various aspects of the society.

It was quite interesting to find that water tank with water creatures (the topic of the start up Inoca, we introduced in the latter half of the session as one of the projects at 100BANCH) is located in the faculty room at school in Estonia so that students can see what kind of behaviors and activities faculty members are engaged.  (open education concept)  It was pure coincidence as Mr. Suhara shared the photo of water tank which divides faculty room and corridors (I believe) that students walk around.

As of 5:00 pm on Sunday, I managed to put BGM on two videos. I still need to figure out how to do voice over on video, you can see and get the feel  for the session from the short video. Enjoy!

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