As I know the days after Christmas are big shopping time, and it seems the same in Hong Kong, I decided to try shopping myself this afternoon. As the hotel I am staying is linked to big shopping mall, I decided to check shops there first.
I wanted to get some clothes as I realized that I did not bring enough, but as I checked Ladies wear shops, I find myself prefer electronic-related, books and sports stores much more than fashion stores. It is fun to browse the store where many electronic gadgets are displayed. Book stores are always fun to browse-  I found the nice photo book about Piaf which I was quite absorbed for a while.
So what did I buy? I bought one top at Zara (I liked the pattern) and armband for iPhone while I exercise. I have had a few armbands before but the one I bought in the US tends to be too big for my arm and iPhone X is much wider and thicker, so it does not fit. I finally found the one that fits my arm and for iPhone X!. Now I can finally do away with my old black arm band made of cloth almost worn out.
So my shopping in Hong Kong is done!I  I feel I have accomplished my goal for this trip!