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Last day of this trip, May 3, was a fun day for me, as my friend took me to the Angels Stadium to see the game. It was a nice evening, and ideal for the game, as it was not too cold and with no wind. It has been a while since I went to see the ball game. (First time in LA!). It was great that we were able to see Shohei doing well. (He sprained ankle and has not pitched for several days.)
He seems to belong to the MLB and looked as if he has been there for some time. No wonder he is very popular there.

Stadium was almost full as the Angels is now hot with Shohei and Pujols nears  3000th hits. We were also waiting for Pujos  to hit the 3000th hit.  He hit double, to make it 2999. Many people were waiting him to hit the 3000th,with smartphone in hand.  The game itself turned out to be rather one sided as the Angels won by 12-3.
We left around 9:00 pm at the bottom of the fifth so that I could catch the flight back to Haneda. We left early because the traffic to get to the park was so bad and it took more than 1.5 hours.
On our way back, the freeway was quite smooth, but we were bumper to bumper once we came close to the airport. It took close to an hour from the entrance of the airport to the terminal!
Once I checked in, it was even worse as the airport was a zoo. I am grateful as the airline staff escorted me through the security, but it still took quite a while. LAX is not exactly the most friendly airport.  Despite the traffic everywhere, I had a wonderful time. The last day of the trip was very memorable thanks to my friend.

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