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  I hear that the initial draft of the English translation of “Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Shogi”(This is a great title,  as it is simple and clear!)  is now done and made public. I am amazed at the speed of the progress of this project, dedication of the people who have initiated (they worked throughout the Golden Week Holidays, I am sure) and their willingness to make it public at this point.

  I also hear there have been some debates as to whether it should be open at this point or not, and I am impressed with the decision to make it public now and the thought behind it.  As I understand it, those who intiated this project are determined to turn the web-world in Japan (which sometimes becomes quite negative with not-so-constructive criticisms) into more positive and “open” world.  I am personally convinced of the positive side of the Internet and ICT in general,  I am delighted to see this type of initiative. 

  Now that it is made public, anybody (I believe you need to register) can edit, add, etc. etc. to make it better.   The journey has begun!

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