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Shogi Ouza sen title match is starting tomorrow, August 29, in Sendai.  Defending Ouza is Akira Watanabe and Yoshiharu Habu is a challenger.  This pair fought the same Ouza title match last year where A. Watanabe captured the title from Y. Habu who had won the title 19 consecutive years.

Ouza sen is 1-day game, unlike Meijin, Ryuoh, etc. and thus, by tomorrow night, the game No. 1 will be over.  Y. Habu just defended his Oui title over T. Fujii a few days ago.  Now the Ouza title match will begin and we can expect an exciting game between the two top professionals.   You can watch the moves and the blog(though in Japanese, I believe)   through this link.

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