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 Toshiaki Kubo now has two major titles of Shogi–Kioh and Ohsho.  He won the second game of Kioh sen title match against challenger Ryuoh Akira Watanabe on Sunday, March 6.  He is now 2-1. 

  Now he is defending his Ohsho title against Masayuki Toyoshima (Six Dan) in the game No. 5.  Kubo is now at 3-1. It is held on March 8 and 9th in Hakone.  The scene outside of the inn is very pretty covered with snow.  Even though you do not know how to play Shogi (like myself), you can still watch the video and almost feel the beauty of Shogi–it is so quiet and so intense.  (You can also find out what they ate for lunch and for tea break!)  

  Until the lunch break, defending Ohsho Kubo spent over 25 hours, while challenger Toyoshima spent some 40 minutes or so.  I am amazed how Kubo can do two major title matches in one day in between.  It is an amazing capability to concentrate and think.

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