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This morning at Aikido class, we learned and practiced Shiho-nage. (Four directional throw–literal translation. It is like cutting with a sword in four different directions. )  All of us got scared when we heard that over 95 % of injuries in Aikido takes place when doing Shiho-nage.  We were slowly trying Shiho nage and no one of us got hurt or injured.

As a matter of fact, it is very smooth movement once you get the hang of it. (It is always that way.)  There are many small points that you need to do right, however.  It was great for me to learn how to make each movement clean before we try the series of movement fast.  (Sometimes, when we go with the flow, it becomes more natural.)

Spending one hour Sunday morning, practicing Aikido, is one of the best activities for me. I treasure it very much. (Though my body sometimes does not agree with me. It hurt!)

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