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This past long weekend. Whistler hosted two events – Wanderlust where yoga, music and healthy lifestyle was the key topic and Canadian BBQ Championships where BBQ competition was the key.

yoga  I went to both events and found the sharp contrast between the two. When I visited the site for BBQ Championships to sample BBQ among others, the MC was saying that all they had was MEAT! On the other hand, at the Wanderlust tents, I sampled dairy free ice cream and meat-less food.

bbq2When you compare the people at both places, you also see the sharp contrast. At Yoga places, people are in good shape, dressed in certain ways carrying yoga mats. There were more women, too.On the other hand, at BBQ site, I saw more men who tend to be heavier. (This is limited to Saturday around noon when I was there.)

I think it so happened that they were held at the same weekend, as I believe Wanderlust was held at different weekends last year.

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