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On Thursday, Nov. 9 (a week from tomorrow), we will host #53 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo”  at Wilson Learning Worldwide in Kamiyacho.  Unlike the one held at Kabuteria of Nissin Foods Holdings where we brainstormed “food for the future”, (photo on the left) we will shift our gears to our present everyday life. We want to address the issue of “single life-how to connect and make it fulfilling with simple technology.”

Living alone gives you a lot of freedom and flexible, but can cause some headaches when we suddenly feel sick.  We often do not even meet our neighbours and do not know the existence of local community.

We also see that concept of sharing economy has been spreading very quickly, often with the help of technology.

As many people live alone in Tokyo and other exciting cities, but too busy to connect with others with different background, and from other regions and countries, we want to explore ideas and activities by using simple technology (such as platform for share house, smart speaker, etc.) to connect us and to make single life (which can become lonely) safer and more fun.  People can feel “lonely” when they come back from some time overseas. I see quite a few people who experiences new exciting open world while  overseas, but feel that we come back to the “small” “closed” world, as we lack opportunities to meet with people of different background.  Those who come from foreign countries to spend some time in Japan may feel that they do not have enough opportunities to interact with locals.

Tomo Kino of Tokyo Hearth ​​will be with us, sharing his vision of making Tokyo more diverse with his own experiences overseas and back in Tokyo. Here is the URL to Tokyo Hearth and video interview with Tomo.

We will have quite a few graduate students from a variety of countries studying in Japan for some time, who are very interested in sharing their ideas, in interacting with the people interested in current issues.

As I visit the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and friends in Silicon Valley starting today, I may be able to share some of my experiences as well.

Single life is NOT just for the young, as many middle aged and older people live alone as well. Thus, join us regardless of your age and have fun! Details and registration is here.

Looking forward to seeing you on THURSDAY, November 9!

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