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I joined the shareholder meeting of Sekisui Chemical where I serve as non-executive director today.  These two weeks are the peak season for shareholder meetings in Japan, as many companies end fiscal year in March. Due to Covid-19,  however, many shareholder meetings are held in quite different manner this year, it seems.  Some companies (I believe Softbank is one of them) holds “online only” shareholder meetings and no physical real meeting is held.  Many companies ask shareholders to vote and ask questions i advance online so that they will  make “social distancing” for shareholders, easier to do.  Sekisui Chemical is no exception, and we had less than 50 shareholders attending the real meeting. held at the hotel in Osaka. (They were seated with enough space for social distancing.)

Unlike last year, we moved to their head office (photo on the left)  for board meetings and other meeting.

As I stayed over at the hotel where the shareholder meeting was held, I had a glimpse of the serious impact  of Covid-19 on   hospitality industry.

I am scheduled to give a talk on service sector and Covid-19 ;next  week, I plan to incorporate my own experiences in travel and hospitality industry.  (In fact, this trip to Osaka was my first flight in five months.  I now see much more clearly how Covid-19 affecting people and business.)


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