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I am back from  Opera City Recital Hall where the Shamisen concert was held. It was the first time for me to hear Hidetaro Honjoh, teacher of my friend Hidejiro Honjo,. I had assumed that Hidetaro sensei would wear Kimono, so I was a bit surprised he showed up in business suits and looked quite young!  Hidejiro Honjo  explained the pieces, introduced and interviewed the composers such as Dai Fujikura and Toshi Ichiyanagi.  I enjoyed it very much and found that contemporary music makes Shamisen lively and quite different.  The hall was packed and it was interesting to see the audience-quite different from that I see at David Geffen Hall in NYC!.

The rest of today, December 26, was  full of activities, as I had board meeting in the morning, and interview for the young people who will start working this coming spring.  It appears that many companies will have year-end/year beginning vacation starting tomorrow, Dec. 27 and many have 9-day holidays.  As I walked around Omote Sando area to find out more info. on MacBook Air at Apple Store, people seemed to have begun enjoying year-end holidays.

As for my plan for the year end, I  am likely to spend most of the time reviewing and revising the manuscript of the book we are now working on.  In a way, it will be a good time as I can have block of time without being bothered by other meetings or notes.  I will enjoy quiet block of time to think and review the year 2019 and plan the future…

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