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 I hear that extreme cold front is approaching many parts of Japan and we can expect very cold weather, possibly with some snow.  It is not clear whether it will cover Tokyo metropolitan area or not, but the weather may encourage people not to travel over the holidays.  I felt cold air this afternoon when I biked around the park, which was full of families enjoying the holidays.  (I am always amazed at the energy of very young children.  I am always cold, but they seem not to mind freezing air and gust.)

Judging from the news in North America, the storm is approaching the north east and it may affect travel plans of many there, too. (I understand that so many people travel this time, despite the warning from healthcare experts.)   One of my step sons and his wife live in upstate New York and I hear that they have tons of snow.  My other step son is skiing in the Berkshires? with two grand daughters.  Their energy (they usually go skiing every weekend during the winter) is comparable to that of young children I see at the park nearby.  (except my stepson is late 40s and grand daughters are teens!)

 I feel I have considerable energy for my age ?, but cold weather is not my thing. Probably I will plan the imaginary trip to hot spa during the holidays… (My late husband and I tried this several times, and it may be a good idea to try this for this holiday with special sweets known at hot spa…(photo on the left)

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