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I participated in several sessions at Summer Davos, though my visit was cut short to 1.5 day instead of 3 days.  The private meetings on Sustainable Competitiveness and Redefining Human Capital issues were both intriguing as we were trying to identify new dimensions of Competitiveness–environmental and social–, and health, experience, enablers in addition to education for Human Capital and explore what variables we need to look at to redefine and measure these new dimensions.

I liked the fact that both are with small number of people (around 30 or less), and with experts in various related areas.  Though it is much  harder to discuss, as we are, so to speak, at the exploratory stage, it is inspiring and stimulating to make a step into the undefined area.

ideaslab2udeaskabI also liked the ideaslab session held in the late afternoon of the  third day, entitled “Technology for Society.”  ideaslab session is my  favorite format, as we can all participate in brainstorming and exploring how to make it happen.   I think this is an ideal format for the topic such as Technology for Society, as we had technology pioneers, social entrepreneur and global shaper sharing their innovative ideas  and we were exploring how we could make it happen on larger scale.  It seems many people shared my enthusiasm, as the session was full, which is very unusual for the late afternoon session on the  last day. (Many people have left by then.)

I also liked the 1-1 session entitled “An Insight, An Idea.”  I was fortunate to attend the session with T. Friedman (I missed the one with Nik Gowing of BBC, and with Linus Torvalds as they took place before I got there.)  It is half an hour session done by experienced interviewer in small studio and very exciting.

I always admire the way Nik Gowing moderates the big session. This time, it was the Closing Plenary  entitled “The Future is Now.” The sessions done by media leaders including Nik have a good tempo and maintain high energy level.  I learn a lot about how to set the tone, make smooth transition and keep the excitement by asking challenging questions.

As I wrote yesterday, the beauty of this type of conference is not limited to these meetings, as informal chat during the break, brief talk in the  hall, and the conversation on the bus, with the people there face-to- face have very high value for  getting the sense of the different fields from your own and of the rest of the world.

I wish many more people can have such an opportunity to get exposed to what is out there.  I have renewed my mission to make even a small step to make it happen for many young people.

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