Yesterday, June 22, I attended the special session with Ms. Tomoko Namba, CEO of DeNA.   It was Professor Ichiya Nakamura’s class and was made open to everybody at KMD.

As Namba san was my colleague when we worked for the same consulting firm,  DeNA has been extremely successful and I found that she would step down soon to care for her husband -whom I know,  I wanted to come to the session to say Hi to her and listen to her session.

I was very impressed with her presentation.  Her style was dynamic and exciting. At the same time, it was very much down to the earth.  I find her talk very powerful, as she is such a doer.

In fact, she said the key for successful business is  1) strategic decision making and 2) execution.

She also talked about the appeal of the area/industry which was open for fair competition on level playing field.  I was very impressed with her strong will  to compete in the global arena where strongest company wins.  It is very clear and inspiring.   I admired her passion for growth  of the huge scale.  (It is partly because I find some young entrepreneurs  have plan of relatively small scale.)

What impressed me most was her original intention to step down in June 2012.  Her philosophy is to uncouple the company and the founder as the company grows, and it is the responsibility of the founder to turn over the company to the person who is best qualified for the company as it grows.  She is so clear in what she believes whether it is the company’s strategic intent or the management succession plan.   What is even more inspiring is she practices what she believes.  It was such a valuable session (I am sure for the students, but for me as well) and inspiring talk.