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Yesterday (April 4), I had the opportunity to moderate the session featuring Ms. Maurine Haver, founder and CEO of Haver Analytics at the American Center Japan. As I am interested in data, analytics AND innovation/entrepreneurship, I was happy to accept the invitation to moderate the session.
I was fascinated by the fact that she decided to build a global economic information company four decades ago and have continued her journey when things do change drastically in the area of ICT.
Her talk was full of insights and very interesting personal stories about how a person with passion about something such as economics, data, modelling has constantly pursued her goal of making higher quality products and building a strong team. Her enthusiasm was contagious.
I am not an economist and not particularly passionate about modelling etc., but regardless of your interest, her passion, dedication and strong will to improve what they offer to better meet the needs of the society/client was so inspiring.
The session is just uploaded here. Enjoy!

Here is the website of her company.

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