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Starting tomorrow, I will have series of seminars scheduled this week. Tomorrow, I will go to Kagoshima to run workshop on leadership. This is the second time I visit Kagoshima after last year. I am delighted to be invited back.

On Wednesday, I will participate in the meeting on Diversity management with the Minister, will be interviewed on Corporate intrapreneurship for the website, and participate in Nikkei BP symposium entitled “Creating new future where people are connected” at Suntory Hall in Tokyo.

On Thursday, I will be back in Fukuoka to serve as facilitator of one of the panels for Western Japan Productivity Symposium 2014.

On Friday, I will interview one of the young global leaders/entrepreneurs, followed by board meeting, and two seminars, one on global talent and the other “National Identity” in DET series.

On Saturday, I will have session #2 of Global Agenda Seminar Series. We will discuss two topics in debate style.

Sunday is my off day and I will go to the concert. (There is a slim chance I may be able to go sailing!)

Monday is the day of reception at the Embassy of the Netherlands and dinner with Women Corporate Directors meeting.
On Tuesday, I will head back to British Columbia.

As I think about it, majority will be done in Japanese, but Davos.. in Tokyo and GAS will be in English.  Topics range from Japanese economic recovery, diversity, to global talent/leadership.  It will be a busy week.

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