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Recently, the term “sensitivity”  has been on my mind.  “Sensitivity” here means sensitivity to information, sensitivity to  culture, sensitivity to differences, sensitivity to the speed, etc.  and you can make a LONG list. In other words, I am using the term quite loose.

I started realizing the significance of it, as I came across some occasions  where we discussed the issue and in particular,  the lack of it.   I discussed the matter with various people–creative director, ex-government official, business people, students etc.

As I think about it, the question came to my mind. “Can we develop it?” I am now trying to get the answer to this question.

My hypothesis right now is that it is somewhat inherent.  i.e. Some people are born with sensitivity, while others are not.  Probably it depends upon “sensitivity to what?” question.  Some people may be very sensitive to social norms of the community/country they live in, but not to the difference in values in different countries.  Others may be sensitive to diversity, but not to timing & speed, etc.

I believe that there are more people with the sensitivity than not, but their sensitivity needs to be stimulated to be developed further.  One way of developing sensitivity is to get exposed to many different things,  even including extreme conditions.  Without the actual experience of seeing different things and feeling them, it is difficult to develop the sensitivity.

I will pursue this question and there will be more to come. Stay tuned.

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